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22-23 Nov 2019


Gliwice Scientific Meetings 2018

Preliminary Program


Friday 16th November 2018


09.00 – 09.15             Opening


09.15 – 11.15             Session I

Cancer Genetics and Genomics

[chairperson: Ewa Grzybowska]

Asta Foersti (Heidelberg): Familial cancer variant prioritization pipeline applied to a Hodgkin lymphoma family

Pavel Vodicka (Praha): The role of DNA repair in response to treatment, disease progression and survival of sporadic colorectal cancer patients

Olga Haus (Bydgoszcz): Germinal mutations in myeloid neoplasms

Jan Lubiński (Szczecin): The latest advances in clinical genetics of hereditary breast cancer

Wojciech Fendler (Łódź/Boston): Detecting ovarian cancer with a data mining pipeline for circulating microRNAs


11.15 – 11.45             Coffee break


11.45 – 14.00             Session II

Immunity and Cancer

[chairperson: Jolanta Jura]

Giulia Fontemaggi (Roma): Expression of ID4 protein in breast cancer cells determines reprogramming of tumor-associated macrophages

Claudine Kieda (Orleans/Warsaw): Angiogenesis-based normalisation of the inflammatory microenvironment in tumors

Theresa Whiteside (Pittsburgh): The potential diagnostic and prognostic role of plasma-derived  exosomes in cancer

Marcin Majka (Kraków): SNAIL1 as a key player in a biology of rhabdomyosarcoma

Piotr Laidler (Kraków): Mechanisms of environmental signaling promoting epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cancer


14.00 – 15.00             Lunch


15.00 – 16.00             Poster Session


16.00 – 18.20             Session III


[chairperson: Piotr Widłak]

Malcolm Clench (Sheffield): Mass Spectrometry Imaging of drugs, metabolites and response in 3D cell models

Tone Bathen (Trondheim): In vivo molecular imaging of prostate cancer by MRSI and PET/MRI

Guro Giskeodegard (Trondheim): Metabolomics of breast cancer

Maciej Stobiecki (Poznań): Mass spectrometric techniques for structural characterization of natural products from biological material, applications in metabolomics

Ryszard T. Smoleński (Gdańsk): Analysis of cardiac and skeletal muscle metabolism with stable isotopomers and mass spectrometry

Karol Jelonek (Gliwice): Serum lipid profile can discriminate between early lung cancer patients and healthy participants of a lung cancer screening program


20.00 – 23.00             Conference Dinner


Saturday 17th November 2018


08.30 – 10.00             Session IV

Radiation Oncology

[chairperson: Krzysztof Składowski and Tomasz Rutkowski]

Wilko Verbakel (Amsterdam): Developments in radiotherapy, from history to future

Jacek Jassem (Gdańsk): My vision for cancer treatment

Barbara Bobek-Billewicz (Gliwice): Oncology without imaging  – mission impossible?


10.00 – 10.20             Coffee Break


10.20 – 12.30             Session V

Chromatin and Gene Regulation

[chairperson Ronald Hancock and Joanna Rzeszowska]

Marion Cremer (Munich): Effects of selective degradation of the cohesin complex on higher order chromatin structures studied with live cell and super-resolved fluorescence microscopy

Thomas Cremer (Munich): Nuclear organization and function studied in space and time

Anastas Gospodinov (Sofia): The mammalian INO80 class chromatin remodelers in the maintenance of genome integrity during S-phase

Tomasz Sarnowski (Warszawa): Targeting of chromatin remodeling complexes as a basis for new anticancer therapies

Ryszard Rzepecki (Wrocław): Remodeling of chromatin during stress - a lesson from nuclear lamina proteins


12.30 – 12.50             Coffee Break


12.50 – 14.40             Session VI

Evolution of Cancer

[chairperson: Marek Kimmel]

David Wheeler (Houston): Metabolic and developmental reprogramming in hepatocellular carcinoma

Simon Tavaré (New York/Cambridge): Studying tumours in 3.5D

Maciej Wiznerowicz (Poznań): Cancer stemness as hallmark of oncogenic progression

Marek Kimmel (Houston/Gliwice): Extracting tumor growth and mutation histories from sequencing data


14.40 – 15.00             Presentation of awarded posters, closing


15.00 – 15.30             Lunch