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21-22 Nov 2024




Doskonała Nauka



Dear Colleagues,
we are inviting you to come to Gliwice on November 17 and 18, 2017 to join us in attending the 21st edition of Gliwice Scientific Meetings. Since its inception in 1996, this conference has been devoted to varying topics from the field of molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and oncology. It has since become a recognizable mark of the scientific landscape of Upper Silesia. The Meetings’ venue is a place to share ideas, results and experience, as well as to establish research ties between participants. Each year, the Meetings are attended by a group of lecturers from around the world. Young researchers and students get a chance to present their achievements and to vie in the best poster contest for valuable prizes.

The Conference venue: Education and Congress Center of Silesian Technical University, Gliwice.

English, traditionally, will be the official language of the Conference

This year, the following sessions will be held:
Session 1. Exosomes and Intracellular Communication
Session 2. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (EACR Session)
Session 3. Bioinformatics in Omics
Session 4. Stress Response, Inflammation and Reactive Oxygen Species
Session 5. Radiation Biology and Medicine
Session 6. Molecular Biomarkers

plus one additional session devoted to deliveries of short presentation by winners
of the Best Poster Contest.

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