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21-22 Nov 2024

Dear Participants to the XXVI Gliwice Scientific Meetings,

It is our pleasure to take part in this great event this year. As it is becoming our tradition, we will be presenting our content this year too.

We would be thrilled to guest you during a talk by our colleague Mr. Paweł Kania, who will describe the applicability of our core technology in cancer-related scientific projects ran by our customers globally. In order to stay in synergy with the session we take part in; Friday 18th - Session “New and experimental cancer therapies and approaches”, our talk with shortly summarize several research examples which we hope you find relevant.

While waiting for Pawel’s talk, we suggest you take some time to watch one of our recent webinars, which addresses the basis of the technology Pawel will talk about, as well as a small show on how the instrument is put to use.

Here is the link to the recording:

Following Pawel’s talk, please visit our stand outside of the lecture room where you will be able to discuss your potential experimental interests which we hope to respond to upon your demand.

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday.


With best wishes,

NanoTemper’s Team